Food Service

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PCM_BAGS_RIBSConvenience and quality are the watchwords of the 21st-century food-service industry, and PCM specialty food-packaging products deliver on both counts. We offer a full line of custom-designed nettings, cutting-edge co-extruded casings and food-packaging bags for all food-processing applications.

Food processors and packagers of all stripes, including producers of meats, deli products, cheeses, soups, stews and pizzas, use advanced technologies such as PCM’s Collagen Replacement netting and Synergy Release netting to process, package and protect their food products. Our novel meat product casings and oxygen- and moisture-barrier food-packaging bags save the food-service industry time and money, and, most importantly, enable it to deliver delicious foods to customers’ kitchen tables ready to serve and in perfect condition.