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Bone-in Ham Stuffer

A number of manufacturers produce high-quality food-processing equipment that is vital to the high-throughput production systems required to control costs in the highly competitive food market. One key piece of meat-processing equipment is the bone-in stuffer, sometimes called a clipper or clipping system because it attaches clips to both ends [...]

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Boneless Meat Stuffer

A boneless stuffer is an important piece of butcher equipment for any meat processor. Boneless stuffing devices are also called clippers because they automatically attach a clip to seal both ends of a meat product casing after stuffing. Boneless stuffers pack semi-liquid meat products into high-tech casings such PCM's Cubic [...]

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Clips provide a popular sealing technology for meat products. Meat packaging, including raw, cooked and cook chill products, can be conveniently sealed using meat and bag clips. Meat clips are made of plastic, aluminum or steel, and can be purchased in various sizes. Meat clips are attached to meat product [...]

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Drain Pipe Sleeves

Drain Pipe Sleeve PCM's Drain Pipe Shield is a rugged choice for construction and landscaping applications. It is designed to filter out sand, sediment and pebbles in residential and commercial perforated drainage pipe applications. Using the Drain Pipe Shield means no more worries about expensive drainage-control solutions such [...]

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Oil Boom Sleeves

PCM Oil Boom Sleeves are the only single component boom sleeve on the market. Our sleeves are a reinforced, lightweight, chemically treated fabric that has the unique ability to float on water while allowing oils to pass through the skin and absorbed by the boom filler. PCM Oil Boom Sleeves come in a variety [...]

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Cook-in and Barrier Meat Casings

Barrier Casings Barrier casings are designed to protect foods from the degrading effects of oxygen, moisture and ultraviolet light. PCM uses its five-layer co-extrusion technology to combine the latest in resin technology to create a product specific to your needs. PCM's barrier casings are used to package a [...]

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Barrier Bags

PCM's cutting-edge barrier bags are made of a coextruded blend of resins to offer a high oxygen-barrier property that maintains freshness. Barrier bags are ideal for a variety of ready-to-eat or pre-portioned products such as soups, sauces, salads, and ribs. They can also provide excellent product forming and superior puncture [...]

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Boneless Meat Netting with Synergy Release

Synergy Release is the most advanced treated-net technology on the market today. PCM has been developing cutting-edge net technologies for decades, and Synergy Release is our most revolutionary net-casing product to date. We analyzed the major problems with boneless-meat-processing technology and designed a product from the ground up to solve [...]

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