Meat Netting

Boneless Meat Netting with Synergy Release

Synergy Release is the most advanced treated-net technology on the market today. PCM has been developing cutting-edge net technologies for decades, and Synergy Release is our most revolutionary net-casing product to date. We analyzed the major problems with boneless-meat-processing technology and designed a product from the ground up to solve [...]

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Spice Meat Netting

Spices and seasonings can be a key ingredient to your products appeal. PCM's versatile Spice Nets have spices and flavorings pre-applied to the inside of the net. Once filled with raw product and processed, your custom blended spice or flavoring is transfered onto the surface of the meat creating a rich flavor and enhanced meat case appeal. [...]

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FibreNet Meat Casings

#13FibreNet with AFA-60 Smoke FibreNet casings are a superior alternative to fibrous casings. FibreNet casings provide precise diameter control, yield enhancement and richer colors typically resulting from fibrous. One of the big drawbacks of fibrous casing is air voids. As a result of FibreNet's unique design, air trapped inside [...]

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High-Definition Meat Netting

PCM High Definition(HiDef) Meat Netting is our latest innovation. In the past, meat netting was limited to patterns that left slight impressions in the meat. Through a combination of knitting and processing techniques, PCM can now offer a new generation of meat netting. Building on our experience with traditional net casing, [...]

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Elastic Meat Netting

Elastic meat netting improves product shape consistency and helps eliminate voids. PCM's high-tech elastic nettings are ideal for pork loin, roast beef, boneless ham, chicken or turkey breast, and various air-dried or cured meats. Elastic nettings typically get their elasticity from latex or a similar rubber product. Elasticity lets the [...]

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