Forming Netting

Forming Netting 2013-08-19T14:58:54+00:00
PCM bone-in nets produce a variety of premium quality finishes and eye appealing patterns. Along with producing highly desirable rind textures, PCM nets help solve forming problems so you can produce higher yields with more center cuts and fewer Number 2’s.

Applications: Portion Hams, Semi-boneless, Spirals

NC netting is used to produce a smooth surface pattern
and holds in moisture for tender soft rinds.


CS netting uses handcuffing to maximize shaping
capabilities and to increase center cut yields.


AL netting improves yields and has excellent shaping capabilities. It draws up tighter and helps produce a butt
and shank end which look the same on semi-boneless
hams. AL also comes in an open weave that provides economies while delivering some of the same benefits.

MU netting restricts handcuffing and minimizes the appearance of stretching. Produces a more cylindrical
like shape.

DA netting is a light weave/heavy cable diamond pattern
net which enhances the quality appearance of bone-in
meat products.