Elastic Meat Netting

Elastic Meat Netting

Elastic meat netting improves product shape consistency and helps eliminate voids. PCM’s high-tech elastic nettings are ideal for pork loin, roast beef, boneless ham, chicken or turkey breast, and various air-dried or cured meats.

Elastic nettings typically get their elasticity from latex or a similar rubber product. Elasticity lets the netting apply gentle pressure to create the ideal meat shape and texture. PCM’s industry-leading elastic meat nettings are designed to meet the 21st century market demand for flexible packaging materials.

PCM elastic meat netting is available in either common styles or special custom designs. Our elastic nettings are also available in a variety of release-treatment colorings and flavorings.

PCM elastic nettings also feature proprietary net-release agents so they strip easier and cleaner than other nettings, saving time and product.