FibreNet Meat Casings

FibreNet Meat Casings

#13FibreNet with AFA-60 Smoke

FibreNet casings are a superior alternative to fibrous casings. FibreNet casings provide precise diameter control, yield enhancement and richer colors typically resulting from fibrous. One of the big drawbacks of fibrous casing is air voids. As a result of FibreNet’s unique design, air trapped inside the casing will release from the product during the cooking process.

Because of PCM’s vast experience with release solutions that incorporate a wide range of smokes, colors and flavors, FibreNet casings can be used to produce a finished product tailored to your needs.

FibreNet casings are used in the production of a wide variety of smoked and steamed meats. They are perfect for all types of sliced/diced meats.

FibreNet is available in a variety of converted forms; shirred, clipped, clipped/looped, continuous and roll stock.

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