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PCM produces a complete line of food packaging products for the meat-processing industry. Our wide variety of nettings and casings protect and flavor all kinds of meats and meat products and keep them fresh longer. We also custom design food packaging products based on customer specifications.

Nettings are used to form, flavor, color and protect meat products. We offer more than a dozen types of cotton and polyester netting, from simple netting and forming netting to boneless netting, including nettings for smoking, boiling, steaming or roasting various meat products.

Our high-tech casings are designed to keep moisture in and oxygen out. They reduce the liquid purge commonly associated with enhanced meats, and PCM’s proven release technology ensures that casings lightly bond to the meat surface and peel off easily without leaving any residue.

The growing demand for bags in the food industry reflects the growing industry and consumer preference for flexible packaging products. PCM’s line of food packaging products includes high-barrier bags, cook-in bags and cook/chill bags.