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PCM_NET_BL_27QHEXRS_AGRZIPPCM has a well-deserved reputation in the food-processing industry as the company to call when you’re developing a new product with unusual specifications, looking to improve your packaging, or retrofitting your processing/packaging operations. We can scale most food-processing and packaging processes at our extensive research-and-development facilities in Greenville, SC, so we can model your process and devise an ideal solution.

Flexible packaging is the hottest thing in the food-processing industry today, and PCM is on top of the trend. We have helped a number of companies create tailored flexible-packaging solutions over the last few years, and we have several ongoing research projects in the flexible-packaging sector.

We are packaging specialists. PCM creates innovative packaging solutions for all food products, and in the unlikely event we don’t have what you need, we’ll work with you to custom-develop it.