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Cooper Farms is a family-owned livestock and meat-processing business based in north-central Ohio. Founded as a turkey farm in 1938 by Virgil Cooper, a much-expanded Cooper Farms is still owned and operated by the Cooper family today.

Cooper Farms contacted PCM a couple of years back for help with expanding their processing facilities and developing a new packaging solution. It turned out to be one of the best decisions the Coopers had ever made, as bringing PCM’s industry expertise to their new operations enabled them to improve throughput, expand their product line and continue to grow their business.

“The quality, service and support from PCM has fulfilled our most ambitious expectations,” said Greg Miller, director of purchasing at Cooper Farms. “Their response to our production and inventory demands exemplified the passion for perfection that every member of PCM’s team clearly strives to maintain.”

Dale Hart, director of food processing, describes how PCM made his company more profitable: “Over $750,000 a year dropped directly to our bottom line as a result of switching to a custom-designed PCM packaging solution,” Hart said. “Improved product quality and increased production efficiencies help us manage new business gleaned from improved product presentation directly attributable to PCM nets.”

Dale Siebeneck, director of product development at Cooper Farms, praised PCM’s line of netting. “PCM went above and beyond our expectations to perfect nets and solutions that meet our processing needs,” Siebeneck said. “We are pleased to have them as a partner. They continue to present new nets and ideas that are expanding our offerings and customer list.”